Get a Snapshot of Your Training

Your fitness profile gives you an overview of your progress as you log WODs. Highlighted are workouts per week, Fitness Score, Fitness Rank, Muscle Usage, Benchmarks and Max Effort Lifts.

Get a Snapshot of Your Training
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Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

Our premium analysis features provide you with insight into the relative strengths and weaknesses of each muscle group. We analyze how each impacts your workout and how you compare against your peers. Based on these comparisons we provide recommendations for mobility work. At ScienceBehindSweat, we pride ourselves on the rapid evolution of our product. Expect to see a lot more here!

Track your progress. Log your WODs.

The training log provides you with an overivew of your workouts you've done to date, as well as a way for you to see how your workouts stack up against one another on the Work Capacity chart. We also provide you with a snapshot of which muscle groups have been the most (or least) used over a selectable date range. Performance prediction and inter-user comparisons will be added in the future.

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We provide powerful data analysis to individuals interested in improving their fitness and health.

Interfaces you will actually enjoy using

RxAnalytics has made tracking your CrossFit Workouts exceedingly simple. You will love using our interface.

Track performance changes day-to-day

You dont have to wait months to compare identical CrossFit Workouts anymore. Compare Linda to Barbara!

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Actionable performance analytics

Continuous day-to-day recommendations. Get the constant feedback you need to perform better.