7 Day Hay Diet Plan: Overview & Guide

The 7 day Hay Diet Plan is a detox diet that has been around for many years. This 7-day plan focuses on the idea of food combining – avoiding eating certain foods together because some combinations hinder digestion and increase levels of acidity in your system. The 7 day hay diet plan, or “food combining,” as it’s also known, is based on the belief that you should eat only fruit until noon each day and then avoid all solids until dinner time.

The Hay Diet is a way of life based on the idea that you should avoid eating certain foods together because some combinations hinder digestion and increase acidity levels in your system. While this diet has been promoted for many years as simply being about good sense, some books have taken it upon themselves to suggest using one week’s worth (or even just part) with their detox programs – especially those aimed at weight loss!

About 7 Day Hay Diet Plan

The Hay Diet has three categories of food. First, fruits and vegetables are alkali foods that help balance your body’s acidity levels. At the same time, proteins form acids during digestion, with carbohydrates following an important fourth meal under this plan – breakfast should be followed by two other meals consisting solely of these “acidic” yet necessary components to keep things running smoothly!

Fruits and Vegetables

Hay diet is a healthy and natural way to eat that will help you maintain your body’s pH balance. Fruits and vegetables are considered alkaline foods because they produce little acid when digested, so these should be the main component in each meal; this idea was based on The Hay Diet program, which proposes eating mostly fruits or veggie-based dishes at breakfast followed by meat for lunch with other proteins such as eggs Third Meal options include fish fingers dinner coupled up top quality carbohydrates (vegies) instead of potatoes/rice, etc.


Protein foods include meats, games, fish, eggs, and cheese. Under the Hay Diet, you can have milk but not with meat! Red or white wine is also considered a protein food, so four hours should pass between drinking it in combination with carbohydrates for best results- don’t mix carbs & proteins (unless it’s part of an expertly planned meal).


The great thing about the Hay Diet is that it lets you enjoy your favorite carbohydrates while cutting out all those processed and refined ones. But be warned: beer isn’t considered a “good” carb by this plan, so limit yourself to one serving per day if alcoholic drinks are what get you going in the morning!


The 7 Hay Diet is a low carbohydrate diet that promises to help you lose weight. However, it lacks scientific evidence and can lead to vitamin deficiencies if followed as written in high concentrations of foods like protein or dairy products which are also proven fat-soluble vitamins (A, D). Additionally, there has been concern from medical professionals about possible adverse effects on cholesterol levels when limiting carbohydrates intake, such as bread.

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