Allergy Blood Test Vs. Skin Prick Test – Which Is More Accurate?

When you get allergies, it can lead to symptoms that range from mild to acute side effects. Any person with an allergic reaction should get tested to see what is at the root of it. It will enable you and your doctor to bring down the symptoms. In some instances, you can avert the allergen as well.

Skin prick testing and blood testing are some of the standard tests used to decide the chances of you having an allergy. The allergy symptoms result from the immune system’s overreaction to an allergen or irritant, such as cat dander, mould, and dust. The immune system will release immunoglobulin antibodies to fight off all allergies and irritants. That aside, allergy tests can detect IgE antibodies in several ways. It will allow the doctor to recognize the allergies. The tests are available for adults and kids as well. To know more, you can check out allergen test in Singapore.

The skin prick test

The skin prick testing usually gets done at the doctor’s office. And for this test, a nurse or a doctor will gently prick the skin at the arm or the back using a comb-like tool. Afterward, they will add a percentage of suspected allergens in the stung area.

Chances are that you will feel and know the outcomes faster when it is a blood test. In case the doctor notices a swelling or the area starts to itch, you will come up with a positive reaction. It means that you will be allergic to a specific allergen. That aside, there can also be a positive reaction in about 20 minutes. If there is zero reaction, chances are you will not be allergic to the substance.

Skin prick testing is usually more sensitive compared to blood testing. That aside, it is less costly as well. The risk, however, is more. Having said that, it is not possible for you to get a severe reaction. And the doctor will usually avert the skin testing in case there is a chance of an extreme response. It is the reason why the doctor will provide a skin test in their office.

Other blood tests

The blood test is a more common way to evaluate an allergy’s scope. The RAST testing should be one of the best blood tests to help diagnose the allergy. Having said that, a new allergy blood test is available. There are other tests which is very common in your allergy test. The doctor can place an order for the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

That aside, the blood test will search for the IgE antibodies in the blood that are available in specific food and multiple other allergens. The increased level of IgE, chances are high that you possess an allergy to a specific food.

While most skin testing outcomes are available, within about 20 to 30 minutes of placing the same, it will take some time to know your blood test. It will, on most occasions, get done in a lab than the doctor’s office. As a result, blood testing gets considered as a safe option. Finally, it’s the doctor who would decide what is correct for you.

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