Around the World Exercise: How to Perform & Its Benefits

The around the world exercise is a great shoulder exercise that targets all three parts of the shoulder. The anterior, posterior, and lateral deltoids are targeted in this movement while also strengthening rotator cuff muscles. This exercise works as a great warm-up to any upper body workout routine because it prepares your shoulders for more strenuous work. 

Around the world, shoulder exercises are a great way to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles. This exercise can be performed at home, gym, or even in the office.    

How to Perform Around the World Exercise

Equipment needed: Dumbbells, Bench.

If you want to give this exercise a try, follow these simple steps:   

  • Step into a wide stance with your feet parallel
  • Raise your arms out to the side and rotate them so that your palms are facing forward
  • Bend your elbows and bring your hands towards your chest    
  • Straighten your arms and repeat this motion about 20 times   
  • Perform two sets of around the world shoulder exercises for optimal results. When you’re finished, make sure to stretch out your shoulders!

Benefits of Around the World Exercise

  • Targets all three parts of the shoulder in a rotational movement
  • Strengthens rotator cuff muscles
  • A great warm-up for any upper body workout routine
  • Can be performed at home, gym, or office

So what are you waiting for? Give the Around the World Exercise a try today! You’ll feel more robust and more flexible after just a few rounds. Remember to stretch out your shoulders to avoid any stiffness or soreness when you’re finished. Have fun and stay healthy!

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