Do You Know About Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)?

The stats may surprise you, but they reveal that about 1 in 8 adults over 45 years of age suffer from COPD, and their knowledge is still limited. Common symptoms include shortness of breath and coughing. Both these pressure the lungs and grow worse as the air sacs and airways face injury and inflammation. One of Harvard’s studies shows that nearly 16 million people in America have this issue. Yet, many don’t pay attention to it. Surprisingly, people are more familiar with heart ailments than this. Due to this, if they suffer from breathlessness, they ascribe it to a heart condition or aging.

When left untreated for whatever reason, the disorder can worsen and lead to more severe respiratory and heat problems. Hence, it’s crucial to get some idea about this disease.

Symptoms and treatments

Breathlessness, wheezing, coughing, excess mucus production, deep breathing trouble, and others signal this issue. It can be incurable, but you can manage its symptoms well with proper guidance. Doctors usually recommend inhalers like Breo Ellipta. If the medicine’s price is higher in the US, you can look for a cheap Breo inhaler in Canada. Since it’s a prescription medication, you must submit one to place your online order successfully. Apart from this, it would help if you stayed away from the smoking habit, dust, fumes, and other pollutants. Breathing exercises can improve the oxygen supply to the lungs and remove toxins. So, incorporate this into your daily schedule. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich essential oils, such as eucalyptus, can help control phlegm production and clean your airways. You can easily find it in the market and start using the same.

At the same time, ensure proper ventilation to keep your home free of pollutants. Equip it with air filters to shoo away irritants. Use fewer chemicals in the household and clean all surfaces of dust buildup.

Fact checks

Due to less information on this lung disease, people often assume many things. But it’s vital to understand it clearly to prevent or manage your health condition. For instance, many believe that COPD occurs due to smoking, while non-smokers also face this disease. Genetics can also lead to this breathing disease. As mentioned, pollution is another source. So, no matter whether you smoke or not, everyone is vulnerable. Then, data show that COPD is one of the country’s highest contributors to fatality rates. However, one should notice that mostly untreated condition proves fatal.

Those who opt for treatment can get antibiotics, inhalers, steroids, etc. They may be familiar with pulmonary rehabilitation and in-house ventilation therapies. Some patients may need to go for surgery. One may easily believe that all treatments can work, while processes and results are highly individualistic. Only your doctor can guide you better about the choices.

About 48% of COPD patients don’t know they suffer from this problem. Due to this, they remain ignorant about it and don’t seek help. Lack of manifestation of symptoms can also be the reason behind their ignorance. Still, regular health checkups can help detect any anomaly in your health and wellness. So, schedule your doctor’s visit and get checked. You want to lead a healthy and happy life in the end.

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