Close Grip Preacher Curl: How to Perform & Benefits

If you’re looking for a way to increase your arm and bicep strength, then the close grip preacher curl is just what you need. This exercise primarily works on the biceps brachii muscle which is important for everyday activities such as picking up objects from off of the ground. The muscles in your arms are also responsible for stabilizing your shoulder joints and controlling movements of your body (i.e., throwing a ball). If you work hard enough, this exercise can also help improve balance and coordination – both crucial aspects of playing sports like basketball or football!

The Close Grip Preacher Curl is a great bicep exercise that targets the muscle in a slightly different way than the standard Close Grip Bench Press. Here, we’ll go over what muscles are activated when you perform this lift and why it’s such an effective one to add into your routine.

How To Perform Close Grip Preacher Curls

  • Adjust the preacher bench so that it sits under your arms and hold onto a barbell or E-Z curl machine. Your hands should be narrower than shoulder width, with one hand on top of another when lifting weights in order to keep tension throughout whole body while working toward full contraction at end range.
  • Curl the bar up toward your face by curling along with bicep contraction and elbows bending.
  • keeping your arms extended, lower the weight back down until they are just above parallel. Then repeat this action by extending again with an upward motion of about five degrees each time you do it for maximum benefit!
  • Reps: 10-12.

Benefits Of Close Grip Preacher Curls

The main benefit of close grip preacher curls is that they help you grow your biceps. The change in grip also means the muscles on your arm have to work harder than normal, but with fewer stabilizing muscles around them it makes up for their lack in size by working more extensively itself!

improve your grip strength and make them more durable by doing narrow-grip barbell curls. You need to keep the weight steady as you move it, which is much harder with a shallower angle than what’s typically used for wide grips.

The bicep curl might be one of the most popular exercises out there, but it can also cause serious problems if done too often. The support from a seat and pad will reduce any strain on your lower spine while ensuring optimal form so you’re less likely to injury yourself or recruit other muscle groups for assistance with this task!

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