DT CrossFit (Workout Guide & Tips)

DT CrossFit is a type of training that involves varied, high-intensity movements and a philosophy that coaches people to improve their physical well-being. Dt CrossFit has been developed by Dt fitness.

DT CrossFit Workout

The Crossfit DT workout is a challenging but effective routine. It consists of three exercises:

  • Deadlift x 12 reps
  • Hang Power Clean x 9 reps
  • Push Jerk x 6 reps

The three exercises are done using a barbell that weighs 155 pounds, which is105 lbs for women. They’re all part of the same circuit and repeated five times total to make it an even 10 minutes!

Here’s a quick overview of each exercise:


The deadlift is a challenging exercise involving lifting the barbell from ground level to just below your hips. It requires balancing on one foot while picking up as much weight off the floor with both hands then placing them back down quickly before starting again until you manage to get into a position where it’s easy for me or another person who isn’t doing these movements to complete without assistance.

Hang Power Clean

The power hang clean is a weight training exercise involving taking the barbell from mid-shoulder height to just below your head and then slowly lowering it again.

Push Jerk

The push press is a favorite for many powerlifters and gym-goers because it’s one of the few exercises where you utilize your legs.

The barbell gets pressed overhead using both arms. After being lowered back down to return once again in the front rack position!


DT CrossFit Tips

When doing deadlift in DT Crossfit, keep your hips low and chest up to reduce the chance of wrenching in one or both arms.

If you have never been able to do a clean and jerk, the best way is to avoid “hitching” by keeping your back straight with no bending at all. If it’s too tricky for beginners, try lowering yourself so only about waist high on the barbell before starting, then slowly building up from there!

If you need a little more time to recover from deadlifting, try completing at least 11 reps before dropping the bar. The fewer times during your workout where you put down that heavy metal object makes it easier on both body and mind because when doing so in between sets of other exercises or just as an extra cooling-down period for sore muscles, this will allow them additional recovery, which means faster speed while lifting weights!

When You are doing hang power in DT CrossFit, The front rack position is a great way to keep your forearms strong. It also supports the weight of whatever you’re doing. Resting with this hook grip will help protect against injury while giving an intense challenge that won’t wear out either!

Get your elbow under the bar, and you’ll be surprised how fast it is to do cleans.

The jerk is a move in weightlifting where you bounce the weights off of your feet, but it can injure both joints if it’s done incorrectly. So make sure not only are jerking and pressing with equal force, or else pay for later!

Do not break after 3 or 4 reps if possible, but it’s a good idea to split your sets in two, so you can stay competitive with time.

Breaking before 3 reps can be really tough, but it’s not the end of your workout! Scaling will get you back on track.

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