Hex Bar Deadlift (How to do, Benefits & Alternative)

The hex bar deadlift is a great exercise to help build your hamstrings, glutes, and back. It also has many benefits, such as improved grip strength, increased balance, and stability so you can focus on other exercises. If this doesn’t sound like the right workout for you, there is an alternative as well!

The Hex Bar Deadlift is a great exercise that can be done in the gym to increase your strength, size, and muscle mass. Hex Bars are an excellent training tool for athletes, powerlifters, weightlifters, bodybuilders, and more! Olympic lifters have used Hex bars for years because it increases stability when performing heavy lifts. If you want to learn how to do Hex Bar Deadlifts or get some benefits, this article will help you figure out what hex bar exercises are right for you!

How to Do Hex Bar Deadlift

  1. For a newbie, load the hex bar with just your body weight. If you’re more experienced and want to use an extra challenge on yourself, then start by adding some light weights first until it becomes easy enough that there’s no need for any further assistance!
  2. Stand on the middle of a hex bar with your feet slightly apart. Keep them at hip-width for stability and engage your core muscles as well if needed!
  3. Keep your back flat and lift up as you bend at the hips. Tense those hamstrings to hold tight while doing this exercise!
  4. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the back of your body flat and shoulders relaxed as if there was an invisible string pulling them downward, then slowly raise one leg at a time until standing on its toes (don’t force this). Keeping that foot grounded while doing so helps keep balance during exercises like these!
  5. Squeezing your glutes will make sure you get a full range of motion.
  6. As you lower the barbell toward your shoulders, continue to grasp it with control. Make sure your chest is open and back flat against the bench, so this counts as one rep!
  7. Do three sets of 12.


Hex Bar Deadlift Benefits


When it comes to lifting weights, safety can be considered an issue. You don’t want to do anything that will hurt yourself or put your health at risk, so you have the right equipment for success! The hex bar takes stress off my lower back because I work all muscle groups using less strain than alternatives like a Straight Barbell, which puts much more pressure on just one area- the spine.

More Effective

Build your own strength with the power of nature. A study compared the benefits and risks between a hex bar, better for non-powerlifters like you or me, versus standard bars. The research found that using an Olympic lift will help with our everyday fitness routine because it has been designed similarly to how we move at home in daily activities – easier on us than doing heavy squats!

Increased Volume

The hex bar also allows you to lift more than the standard deadlift. In a UK study, powerlifters were able to lift 50 pounds on average with one arm and 50% more weight when compared with two-handed Cleans & Snatch Complexes! This will indeed have your muscles growing in no time at all while protecting them from injury, too thanks to its simple design that prevents overstressing certain joints like the back or knees during exercises such as squats.

You’re in a better position to lift weights with the hex bar because it puts you closer and doesn’t compromise your center of gravity. This means that when using this type, not only are people safer. At the same time, they work out but can lift more than what would generally be possible without adapting or getting used to doing so over time!


Alternative to Hex Bar Deadlift

Hex bar squats are the same as regular squats but with extra support placed around your back. This makes it easier for newbies to get into this exercise by taking pressure off their lower body, which can be easier on your knees than standard bar squats with the same support.

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