Knee to Elbow Plank (How to do & Benefits)

A knee to elbow plank exercise is one of the best exercises for your abs, back and core. It not only works for these muscle groups but also strengthens your shoulders, arms and glutes. Knee to Elbow Plank Exercise is great because they work on core stability in a way that crunches do not. The knee to elbow plank is also more complex than just regular planks, so it can help you get stronger over time.

This exercise is also known as a knee-elbow plank, knee to elbow side plank or knee-to-side planks. It has several variations, so you can choose the one that works for your fitness level and does not cause any pain in the knees or elbows. Knee Plank Exercises are great because they work on core stability in a way that crunches do not. The knee to elbow plank is also more complex than just regular planks, so it can help you get stronger over time.


How to do a knee to elbow plank

  • In the plank position, start with the hands-on top of head and feet shoulder-width apart. To do this properly, you must keep your neck in a hyperextended place, so try not to slouch or lay down!
  • Hold your body straight and tall with one knee on either side of an elbow. You must keep the rest of yourself in check, so make sure to maintain good posture!
  • As you practised in a previous section, start with your left leg extended behind and your right knee bent at 45 degrees. Keeping both hands on the ground to support yourself as necessary Repeat this same motion of developing one side then switching sides until finished!

The key to keeping your abs and obliques working hard while doing knee-to-elbow planks is making sure you’re controlling the movement. This will avoid lousy techniques, like dipping too far with your hips or lower back issues!

Try not to go below Parallel; that’s when both hands are about six inches apart from each other on either side of their body (or close enough). And don’t forget neck alignment: keep it aligned more or less in line with where shoulder blades meet the torso.


Knee to elbow plank benefits

  • The stronger your muscles, the better you can resist gravity and stay in position. Knee to elbow planks is a type of resistance training that will help strengthen every part of your body from head to toe!
  • It’s easy to see why doing knee-to-elbow planks is so great for your health! Kicking things up a notch can help you lose weight and keep it off. The extra muscle mass works as an energy source, burning lots of calories during those tough fitness sessions or long runs on the beach that we all love from time to time but shouldn’t be done every day because they’re really hard on our joints. 
  • The more you exercise, the better your mood will be. Knee-to-elbow planks are a great way to release substances that improve mental clarity and happiness!
  • Knee to elbow planks is a great way to improve sleep quality and duration. This offers many essential benefits, such as weight loss and increased energy levels, among others.
  • Whether you’re at home or on your lunch break, planks are easy to do. All that’s needed for this bodyweight exercise is some space about waist high and hands-and feet touching the ground!
  • Exercise is a great way to slow down ageing, and planks are no exception. Studies have shown Planks as an effective exercise for those who want quick results without long hours at the gym!
  • Balance and coordination are two skills that can be improved by challenging them. Knee-to-elbow planks, for example, help you with this!
  • Core strengthening exercises like knee-to-elbow planks are a great way of reducing or preventing back pain. Knee bends, twists, and spinal stretches can help you stay more active in your everyday life without having to worry about any discomfort from an injury!


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