Rear Delt Fly Machine (Use, Benefits & Alternatives)

The Rear Delt Machine is a great way to isolate the muscles in your back. This machine focuses on strengthening the Rear Delt, located at the top of your shoulder blades. The Rear Delt Fly Machine can be used as part of a pre-workout routine or by itself for an intense workout. It also has many benefits that you may not have known about! This blog post will look at how to use it and some other ways you can work out those Rear Delts without using the equipment.

When it comes to targeting the Rear Delt, you have some options. One of these is a Rear Delt Fly Machine. This machine works by providing resistance to your arms as they move outward from the body or inward toward the body. The Rear Delt Fly Machine can be found in most gyms and fitness facilities and offers a convenient way to target this muscle group at home if you do not own one yourself.

How To Use Rear Delt Fly Machine 

How To Use Rear Delt Fly Machine


Sit on the pad and place both feet firmly against it when you’re ready to start your workout. Make sure that by standing up straight with chest pressed against its padding or sitting back comfortably into any chair’s armrests. Hence, as not have an awkward angle when we begin our session!

With your palms facing down and arms slightly bent, grab the inside horizontal handles.


Bring the handles back, so they are roughly lined up with your shoulders. Contract the rear deltoids to do this!

Squeeze your rear delts hard in this position and slowly return to the starting position. Then, release the tension on shoulders by k potassium-ionizing with every exhalation as you inhale for deep inhalation. Exhaling while contracting these muscles will help tighten up those glutes even more! Repeat it.


The rear delt fly machine is a great way to target your lagging muscles, which are in the front of your shoulders. Do three or four sets with 10-12 reps at less than what you would typically lift for that exercise so that it feels light but still hits them just right!


Rear Delt Fly Machine Benefits

Stronger Shoulders

The rear delt fly machine is an excellent accessory exercise for strengthening your shoulder muscles. It works the posterior part of the shoulders, including critical areas like the Deltoids and Serratus Anterior (the muscle covering most of our upper back). It helps you boost performance in compound exercises such as overhead press or deadlifts because these actions use more than one muscle group! Strong shoulders help you to perform well in a variety of exercises. Train them accordingly!

Reduced Risk Of Injury

The rear delt fly machine provides more stability and support than the bent-over reverse fly. By training your rear delts, you can avoid the increased risk of injury. This option is best for beginners or people history of shoulder issues!

Improved Posture

The rear delt fly machine is one of the best exercises to improve your posture. It will help you maintain correct body alignment and prevent hunching over time!

If you suffer from back pain and constantly find yourself slumped over, the rear delt fly machine can help to tighten your shoulders.


Rear Delt Fly Machine Alternatives

Standing Rope Face Pull

Place the pulley at face level and hold onto it with your thumbs down. Then, keeping both arms elevated, pull back on handles until they are against each side of your head to make sure you have good tension across all parts. This exercise not only works muscles but also increases blood flow throughout the body!

As you inhale and as a result of lifting weights, your shoulders should feel a firm pinch. Slowly return to starting position before repeating!

Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly

Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hinge at the waist until you are nearly parallel to the floor, then reach back and grasp whatever is nearest, a chair for stability or even just hand weights!

With your arms slightly bent, contract the muscles in front of you to bring up and out. As soon as they are fully extended, squeeze those shoulder blades together for an instant pump!

Try to bring your arms back down in a slow, controlled manner. Maintain core tension and repeat!

Bent-Over Face Pull

To perform this exercise, start by hinging at the waist and bending over so that your back is nearly parallel to the floor. Retracting your rear delts will help balance as you drive up on elbows with weights held right beneath your face for reps until failure.

Keep your elbows above the wrist, and you’ll feel a pinch at the top of each rep. Repeat!



The rear delt fly machine is a gym exercise that builds strength in the muscles of your back. It can be used as part of training for sports or to recover from injury, and it’s an effective way to increase muscle size if you want extra definition. This machine has many different variations, but all involve pulling handles backwards with both hands while sitting down on the seat and holding onto the sidebars for stability. So if you’re looking to build up those shoulders at home, this may be just what you need!

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