Scap Pull Up: How to do & Benefits

The SCAP Pull-up is an upper-body workout designed to strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, and chest. The exercise can be done in place of Inverted Rows but is more effective when performed with a weight or resistance band.

Are Scap Pull-Ups good?

Yes, SCAP pull-ups are good. This is a very effective exercise. You can start doing them right away. All you have to do is to use a pull up bar, and then raise your body until your chin is level with the bar. You can then lower your body down, and then repeat this action.

How do you do a Scap Pull-Up?

To do a Scap Pull-Up, you first have to find a place that has a pull-up bar. You should be able to do this exercise anywhere. The next thing you need to do is to hang from the pull-up bar. Then, you have to pull yourself up with your arms and shoulders.

Make sure that your chin is up and your back is straight. You should be able to do a few of these before you are finished. You should keep doing this exercise until you can do as many pull-ups as you want.

Benefits of Scap Pull-Ups?

Here are some of the Benefits of Scapular Pull-Ups.

  • They help with your back
  • They help with your shoulders
  • They help with your neck
  • They are an upper body workout
  • SCAP Pull-up is a great way to get stronger and build more muscle
  • They will help you with your cardio
  • They are the best exercise to target your upper back muscles


The scap pull-up is an exercise that has been around for decades. It’s great for building strength in your upper body, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

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