Staggered Sets (Grow More Muscle)

Staggered sets are a type of training that is perfect for when you have a short time and want to do a high-intensity workout. Staggered sets are not for the faint-hearted as they will be tough on your body, but there are benefits to this type of training. This article will discuss staggered sets, how they work, and some things to keep in mind if you train with them regularly.

There are three ways to do staggered sets:

Unrelated Supersets

It is essential to alternate sets for different body parts. For example, if you are doing bicep curls and straight-arm rows in your workout but want a bit more focus on the back area, then it would make sense that instead of continuing with just one set per arm or leg respectively; try supersetting them so while performing 16 total reps on each exercise (4×8), you also perform 2 rounds consisting 12+3 reps(2 x 6).

Asymmetrical Combos

This is the classic method of staggering. Although not as effective, it can still be an excellent workout if taken one step at a time and performed correctly with proper rest periods in between each set for larger body parts like arms or legs while working on smaller areas such as abs.

Between Exercises

Focusing on a smaller muscle group between larger ones effectively keeps your forearms stimulation high. So, for example, if you’re going for leg day and complete all three exercises dedicated towards hamstrings but only do two sets of quads (as shown above), then throw in one set of each wrist curls after every other squat or lunge during that same workout session – which would give rise 7 total sets because it’s not just about doing more reps here!


Muscle Multitasking

As a name, “staggered sets” is lame. Given your workout routine, the more exciting and catchy moniker of “diverse attack” would be more precise (and cooler). Still, the word ‘stationary’ means you’ll work different body parts by alternating their set with only some of each other’s bigger pieces- so smaller usually refers to calves, abs or forearms. However, it might refer back biceps/tricep area and deltoids if needed!

The best way to make sure you’re working all of your muscles evenly is by doing exercises like pushdowns. You don’t want the weight on one side of an object because it will be ineffective for building strength with other muscle groups- as in biceps and triceps when training arms separately. Make sure not every shoulder day includes presses either; they work better than chest flies or overhead squats since those two movements primarily hit just shoulders.

The best way to burn fat is by adding high-intensity interval training. This means that you’ll do 10-15 minute sessions of intense cardio between weight workouts, for example doing reps on a StepMill then going out for 10 minutes with an elliptical machine before finishing off calves and hamstrings like this: first heavy pound cake (quads), next light cupcakes–190 calories per slice!

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