Stamina CPS 9190 Review (Indoor Cycle Trainer)

The Stamina CPS 9190 Indoor Cycle Trainer is a great way to get a workout at any time, day or night. It features a heavy flywheel and an increased weight limit for stamina enthusiasts who want to take their workouts up a notch. The stamina cps 9190 review also includes an improved seat that will help you stay comfortable during your long rides. If you are looking for the ultimate stamina trainer, this indoor cycle provides plenty of upgrades from its predecessor model!

If you’re looking to get in shape, lose weight or just have an excellent workout at home, then this bike is perfect for you! With different tension settings that will match any fitness level. Exercise bikes are great because they help people of all levels work out by providing them with intense exercise routines while also toning up their lower body muscles and boosting metabolism rates too–that means even if your time isn’t so flexible as before (or maybe ever!), there’ll be no excuses when using one of these babies around the house every day.


Stamina CPS 9190 Review

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This stamina indoor cycle trainer has a design that’s not only smooth and stylish but also sturdy. Its weight capacity is approximately 300 pounds (136 kilograms).


The Stamina CPS Indoor Cycle Trainer allows users to move it quickly since its height can be adjusted anywhere between 28 inches up to 38 inches tall. It can also accommodate a range of leg lengths between 18 inches to 28 inches long.

Tension Settings:

With this stamina cps indoor cycle trainer’s adjustable tension settings, users can adjust the resistance on their own time and boost workout intensity levels with ease. Multiple tension control mechanisms create more difficult workouts as you progress through your routine.

You’ll be able to choose between eight tension settings, which are easy to switch through thanks to the stamina cps indoor cycle trainer’s manual controls.

Workout Programs:

The Stamina CPS Indoor Cycle Trainer has two workout programs that users can select from the fitness test program and a three-mode magnetic tension control system. These options help track fitness progress and stay motivated.

Ease of Assembly:

The stamina cps indoor cycle trainer comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making it simple and quick for users to assemble. It also includes all necessary tools needed for assembly included in the package. This ensures that no additional costs or trips to the hardware store are necessary after receiving this piece of equipment!

Other Features:

The stamina cps indoor cycle trainer also includes a large LCD monitor that displays speed, time, distance covered, calories burned, and more parameters for easy tracking of fitness goals which can be easily programmed to suit your individual needs.

It has an adjustable seat with thick padding, so you don’t have to worry about getting a sore rear during your workout. Plus, its pedals provide slip-free support and include adjustable foot straps that help with the stamina cps indoor cycle trainer’s overall comfort level.


The stamina cps indoor cycle trainer has a 90-day warranty for parts and labor. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer if it arrives defective, so you can receive your money back or replacement parts as soon as possible.

  • Assembly is quick and easy! 90% of the parts on your bike are pre-assembled, so you can get riding right away.
  • The seat and handlebars are adjustable enough to fit any cyclist. The vast options make the bike comfortable, stable on even hilly trails!
  • While you cycle, the bike frame should be heavy enough not to move.
  • You can adjust the resistance on this gear by turning an adjustable friction pad, so it’s easy to find your perfect level.
  • Transport wheels make the bike more portable, which is helpful if you need to move it between rooms and save space.
  • Handlebar and seat adjustments allow you to find the perfect cycling position for heights up to 6ft. If your height is over this, there aren’t any suitable positions with bars or seats that will fit comfortably.
  • Unfortunately, there’s no display console for monitoring basic workout information.
  • The seat of the bike can feel quite hard for longer workouts.



The stamina cps indoor cycle trainer is the perfect option for anyone looking to buy their first stamina bike or upgrade from an older model! Stamina has done it again by providing us with one of the best yet affordable exercise bikes out there, which is why it’s our top pick.

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