Standing Cable Row (Use, Benefits & Alternatives)

The standing cable row is an exercise that targets the muscles in your back. It’s a great way to strengthen and stabilize those muscles and work with other muscle groups such as your shoulders and arms. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of standing cable rows, how to execute this workout correctly, and some alternative exercises. If you’re looking for ways to improve posture or just want to get stronger – standing cable rows are one of the best exercises for you!

If you’re having trouble doing the cable row variations, we provide a list of alternatives in this article. You can do standing one-arm rowing with cables, and other exercises like resistance rows and dumbbell bent over rows!


How to use Standing Rope Cable Row

  • When grabbing the rope, make sure you are holding on with both hands. Step back and let your arms extend out in front of you for extra safety if needed!
  • By bending at the knees and waist, you can help maintain your balance.
  • As you pull the rope into your midsection below your chest, make sure to spread out both handles as broad as possible.
  • You may need to pinch your shoulder blades together in the back if they’re too spread out.
  • Again, let your arms back out. This completes one repetition of the move for today’s workout routine.”


Standing Cable Row Benefits

The stability and strength of the upper body can be improved with this exercise. It also works other muscles, such as those found in your abs and hips! You might want to try it standing or sitting wherever you happen to find yourself most often during everyday life. Either way will provide significant benefits for all areas related to healthily function (and appearance!).

  • The standing cable row can be done by itself or as part of a workout routine with other exercises.
  • Strengthens muscles in the back and upper back.
  • It can lead to a more toned appearance.
  • Strengthens multiple muscle groups at once.


Standing Cable Row Alternatives

Most people think that standing cable rows are the only way to work your back muscles, but if you want an intense upper body exercise, there’s no better choice than this! It targets all of those critical areas, including arms and shoulders.

Developing the right muscles can be difficult, which is why it’s a good idea to utilize alternative exercises. I’ve included some below that you may want to try out!

1. Seated Band Row

The lats and rhomboid muscles work your upper back, so strengthening them is a good idea. The band exercise is easy for beginners because you only need the resistance of one arm against another to do this workout!

2. Incline Dumbbell Row

The incline dumbbell row is an excellent workout for developing lats while also working the chest and shoulder muscles. In addition, it’s effective in building muscular tissue that will help you build some serious triceps!

3. Dumbbell Bent Over Row

The dumbbell bent-over row also works the lats. In addition to that, this exercise also targets your posterior deltoids and rhomboids while strengthening teres major muscle groups too! There are many benefits of doing exercises with weights, so you should consider adding them to your routine today.



There are a lot of workouts that can help you get the back muscles that you want. One such workout is the standing cable row which targets your lats, shoulders, traps, and many other body parts. It’s also stabilizing for your back muscles. Suppose this exercise isn’t possible due to injury or other reasons. In that case, alternative exercises like dumbbell bent-over row or inverted TRX cable row achieve similar results as the standing cable row.


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