Common Types of Muscle Injuries That Everybody Should Know About

If you have a gym membership or are a sports person, you have heard the term muscle injury before. But if you are not a sports person, then you might be confused about what exactly it is.

You should know those muscle injuries are common, and they can happen in both men and women. They can be caused by overtraining, excessive weightlifting, improper stretching, and other reasons.

It is said that muscle injuries occur in all sports, but the most common marks where people get injured are football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, martial arts, tennis, etc.

Types of Muscle Injuries

Stress Injury

Stress injury is one of the most common injuries, and they are caused by overtraining. If you are a sports person and you train more than you should, then you will be prone to stress injury. 

Stress injury is the most common type of muscle injury, and it is caused by overuse. It may cause pain in your body, and it may also lead to an injury that will need medical attention.

Sprain injury

A sprain is a kind of muscle injury, and it is the most common one. It is also known as a pull or tear injury. A sprain occurs when your ligament or tendon gets stretched, and it causes pain and swelling. When you lift a heavyweight or move in the wrong way, you are prone to sprain. 

It is usually caused by improper lifting, incorrect stretching, and improper warm-ups.

Rhabdomyolysis injury

This is one of the most severe injuries, and it is caused by a lack of water intake. If you don’t drink enough water, then you may get rhabdomyolysis which is also known as water intoxication. 

This is a condition where your muscles turn into a brownish color, and if you have this condition, you need to seek medical help immediately.

Laceration injury

This is a kind of injury that occurs when your skin gets ripped or torn from something sharp. It is a skin injury and a muscle injury, and it is the most painful one. 

It can be caused by punching, kicking, hitting, falling, etc. It is also caused by excessive weightlifting. It is also known as a contusion, and it causes pain, bruising, and swelling.

Strain injury

A strain is another common muscle injury, and it is usually caused by a sudden or gradual pull on the muscle. It is generally caused by an excessive amount of weightlifting or improper stretching.

Muscle tear injury

Muscle tear is a severe injury, and if you are doing too many workouts and not following proper training, it is a very common problem. Muscle tears can be caused due to a sudden jerk or a fall from a high altitude.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is also one of the most common muscle injuries people face. It is caused due to repetitive motions and movements of the arm. If you have a tennis elbow, it is very difficult for you to play sports because it can make the muscle sore.

Hamstring Strains injury

Hamstrings are the muscles that help in bending the leg and hip. If you are playing any sports or doing any physical exercise, you may get hamstring injuries. Hamstrings are very important muscles for sports as they help in bending your leg and moving forward.

Quadriceps Strains injury

The quadriceps are the muscle group that helps bend the knee and leg. If you are doing any physical exercise or practicing any sport, you may get quadriceps strains. Quadriceps strains are also called calf strains.

Calf Strains injury

It is another common type of muscle injury among athletes and people who play sports. Calf strains are also known as ankle sprains. If you are doing any running exercise, it may lead to calf strains.

Tendonitis injury

This is one of the most common injuries in our bodies, and we cannot avoid it. It is one of the most painful injuries as it can make you feel weak, and it can be tough to recover.

Sore muscles injury

Sore muscles are very common due to a lack of proper recovery. You can easily recognize this injury by the redness and pain in the muscle.

Fractures injury

Fractures are the most severe injuries you can face as they can cause severe damage to your bones. So, it is better to take care of them as soon as possible.

But you cannot treat it yourself, you need to visit a doctor, and he will recommend you some remedies to get rid of the pain and also the swelling. He will check whether the bones are broken or not. If yes, then he will set up the proper treatment.

Stiff Neck injury

This is one of the most common muscle injuries that almost all of us get. A stiff neck is an inflammation of the muscles around your neck, and it can also cause a headache. If you have a stiff neck, try to massage it for 5 minutes twice a day, and you will get better results.


Preventing Muscle Injuries

Always warm up before you exercise or do any sports activity. It will ensure that your body is properly prepared for exercise or sports activity. Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes at a slow pace.

This will allow the muscles to stretch, and it will also help you stay away from muscle cramps. Warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes after your workout or sports activity. Do your stretching before you start your workout or sports activity. Stretch your muscles for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 



I hope that you have understood what exactly muscle injuries are. You should know that there are many muscle injuries, and they may require different treatments. So, if you are a sportsperson or a fitness enthusiast, then you should know about these types of muscle injuries so that you will be able to prevent them.

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